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What is the meaning of intermittent in Hindi?

Meaning of intermittent in Hindi is : बीच बीच में होने वाला

Definition of word intermittent

  • Stopping and starting at intervals; coming after a particular time span; not steady or constant (adjective)
  • An intermittent fever or disease. (noun)

Examples of word intermittent

    •  The classification - intermittent or persistent - leads us to the proper management and treatment of asthma  The basics: intermittent asthma = bronchodilators as needed persistent asthma = daily anti - inflammatory + bronchodilators as needed
    • The fact that signs of rising demand are intermittent is giving copper's rally its staggered feel, analysts say.
    • We have seen climate change in intermittent rainfall patterns, extended drought and very high temperatures.
    • They claim it was a DOS attack: “This morning, March 11, some of our Go Daddy services came under significant and sustained distributed denial of service attacks resulting in intermittent disruptions of various services, including shared hosting and email.”
    • We were too lazy to do more than mumble on in intermittent conversation.
    • Nearby streets may be subject to police-controlled, short-term intermittent closures.
    • This understates the investment in solar power required to fill the gap, however, because nuclear plants run most of the time while solar power is by definition intermittent.
    • And this goes to one of the ideas that psychiatrists think is the most powerful in luring people, and it's called intermittent reinforcement.