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What is the meaning of intermittency in Hindi?

Meaning of intermittency in Hindi is :

Definition of word intermittency

  • the state of being intermittent; periodicity (noun)

Examples of word intermittency

  • "As we put more 'intermittency' - wind and solar - into our system we need the balancing resources for those times when they are not available," says Arshad Mansoor, vice president of power delivery and utilization for the
  • That inconsistency--called intermittency in the trade--produces an inferior product at inflated cost.
  • One interesting point made during the public discussion concerned intermittency, that is times when alternative generation is not producing enough power to meet demand.
  • Such a grid would tackle the problem of 'intermittency' suffered by individual renewable technologies: when the wind was not sufficiently powering offshore turbines off the coast of Britain, electricity could be supplied from concentrated solar panels in Spain and North Africa.
  • Dong, which has dealt with wind "intermittency" for years, has its hands full with the Danish government's pledge to raise its share of electricity from renewable sources to 30% by 2025.