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What is the meaning of intermitted in Hindi?

Meaning of intermitted in Hindi is :

Definition of word intermitted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of intermit. (verb)

Examples of word intermitted

  • _ -- Mr. Erskine contends that "intermitted" is redundant.
  • Another was occupied by Highland gentlemen and chiefs of small branches, who were amusing themselves with chess, backgammon, and other games, which they scarce intermitted to gaze with curiosity upon the stranger.
  • Acheron, from which were heard to sound, by sullen and intermitted fits, the penitential psalms which the Greek Church has appointed to be sung at executions.
  • He had no sooner intermitted his singular occupation, than the Nubian started from him, and casting a scarf over his arm, intimated by gestures, as firm in purpose as they were respectful in manner, his determination not to permit the Monarch to renew so degrading an employment.
  • Formerly, even the most profane men intermitted their profanity in the presence of women, but they
  • This intermitted time wil seem to me (as it does to men in sorrow,) to pass slowly, but I wil hasten it as fast as I can by my wishes, and in the mean time the blessing of Saint Peters
  • On the seventh, had a sweat; the fever intermitted, the pains remained.
  • Aurelia to enjoy some repose; and so far she succeeded in the attempt, that for one night the toil of travelling was intermitted.
  • No Japanese ever intermitted his ceaseless chatter at any hour of the night for a similar reason.
  • But if you have intermitted thirty days, make a sacrifice to God.