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What is the meaning of intermission in Hindi?

Meaning of intermission in Hindi is : मध्यान्तर

Definition of word intermission

  • A break between two performances or sessions, such as at a concert, play, seminar, or religious assembly. (noun)
    दो प्रदर्शनों या सत्रों के बीच एक विराम, जैसे कि एक संगीत कार्यक्रम, नाटक, संगोष्ठी या धार्मिक सभा में।

Examples of word intermission

  • La Bete, performed without an intermission, is a monologist's dream.
  • Before the intermission is over … can somebody pass me the popcorn?
  • I hate to wait on the finale but it would be an incredibly long … like 2 hour 10 min intermission and the remaining two hour … one movie.
  • I find it especially jarring that the preview would feature animation taken from drive-in intermission reels.
  • They really want to get you out of there by dark, too, so the intermission is short and the pacing moves along at a really good clip.