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What is the meaning of interleaving in Hindi?

Meaning of interleaving in Hindi is :

Definition of word interleaving

  • Present participle of interleave. (verb)
  • The action of interleaving (noun)

Examples of word interleaving

    • The technical details aren't so important now, as isosynchronous Ethernet is obsolete, but the idea of interleaving voice and data on a common wire was, for it led to the development of the first commercially useful VoIP product, the Internet PhoneJACK.
    • Also if they were omnicognisant they would realise that at the very least some kind of interleaving rather than moving forward as a Spartan phalanx admittedly with tuting rather than point spear death then the whole thing would work so much better.
    • "The effects of design techniques such as interleaving, write buffering and prioritized handling are comprehensively analyzed using a prototype implementation."
    • Paul Epstein gave a presentation a compositional technique called "interleaving" which he uses extensively and to excellent effect-after his presentation I assured him that I would be stealing the idea from him.
    • It was a quaint little park with lofty trees, green grass and walkways interleaving around a fountain and park benches.
    • Plus, to but it bluntly, I am quite often capable of being a bit of a tannin freak, and I love the interleaving of strength and subtlety these tannins exhibit.