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What is the meaning of interleaves in Hindi?

Meaning of interleaves in Hindi is :

Definition of word interleaves

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of interleave. (verb)

Examples of word interleaves

  • This saga of politics and family is a superb achievement; Canin. .interleaves past and present to create a classical tragedy from the very first page.
  • Kerasote interleaves his story of his life with Merle with information on humanity's history with dogs too.
  • “Without Warning” interleaves compound narrative arcs and character development of such complexity that it has caused a distinct spike in “absent from work” days.
  • "I'll bet you're the type who holds the floor and pontificates, Alpha, and feels threatened by anyone who interleaves comments."
  • The novel gracefully interleaves the viewpoints of the good doctor with those of the lovers.
  • The book being lettered, you can immediately turn to whatever article you want; and, by adding interleaves to each letter, may extend your minutes to what particulars you please.