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What is the meaning of intere in Hindi?

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Definition of word intere

Examples of word intere

  • This caller on a radio show in So Calif (Dennis Prager Show) had an intere sting comment.
  • Tighter capital restrictions in Asia may limit Citi ' s ability to profit from moving capital into nations with higher intere st rates than in the U.S. and elsewhere, said one analyst.
  • "We want to put in place the preventive measures before a bubble forms," said Hong Kong Financial Secretary John Tsang, who attributed the skyrocketing housing prices to the combined factors of ample liquidity, historically low intere st rates and limited property supply.
  • Katherine Kerr has an intere psting elven culture in many of her Deverry books.
  • "They don't like the term WAGs and the way they have been portrayed in the British tabloid press as shallow and only intere sted in money," said Mr. McKerrow.
  • Yesterday over at DWT we looked at the dynamic between congressmen who have taken large quasi-legal bribes from the banking sector and their willingness to always support the banksters 'special intere ...
  • My, initial, shorter response, which I eschewed in the intere was only two words long.
  • To quote from a comment made on Common Dreams in response to a piece I wrote last week about the new president and the war: "Demopublicans and Republicrats only see a narrow world of $elf-intere$t run by their corporate ma$ter$ who call the $hot$."