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What is the meaning of intercept in Hindi?

Meaning of intercept in Hindi is : रोकना

Definition of word intercept

  • An interception of a radio broadcast or a telephone call. (noun)
    एक रेडियो प्रसारण या एक टेलीफोन कॉल का अवरोधन।
  • To stop, deflect or divert (something in progress or motion). (verb)
    रोकना, मोड़ना या मोड़ना (कुछ प्रगति या गति में)।

Examples of word intercept

    • If the target of the intercept is not in the US, then the intercept is not covered by FISA as it was amended.
    • However, FISA only covers communications intercepts where the target of the intercept is in the US.
    • I also hope that the intercept is considerably higher than you drew it.
    • The phone call intercept was of a digital phone call?.
    • The intercept from the barbarians reads as follows: “Dear Brothers (we don’t recognize “sisters except for breeding and incubating purposes), Soon, very soon, we will unleash our brand of Islam on the Shiites and the Kurds – bide your time, we will act as soon as the cowards from America retreat.
    • This meant that the NSA could not legally acquire a conversation between an untargeted US person and a targeted Saudi if the location of the intercept was the East Coast international switching station in New Jersey, but could intercept it if the conversation was acquired in the fiber optic cable 12 miles off the NJ coast.
    • A little more flexibility and removing call intercept on his phone to make time for love might help with his search.
    • So if a woman called Bill outside of those two limited time slots, they'd not only get his voicemail, but he also had "call intercept" on his line requesting that you announce yourself before he'd pick up the call.
    • The judge does not understand that and therefore misinterprets the claim that the intercept was allowed by FISA as an unsubstantiated claim that a warrant was obtained.