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What is the meaning of intensity in Hindi?

Meaning of intensity in Hindi is : मात्रा

Definition of word intensity

  • the quality of being intense (noun)
    तीव्र होने का गुण

Examples of word intensity

  • In the most complicated, as in the most simple instances, the sophism consists in this: _Judging of the utility of labor by its duration and intensity, and not by its results_, which leads to this economic policy, _a reduction of the results of labor, in order to increase its duration and intensity_.
  • I think the difference in intensity is at least in part due to the difference in scale between the two policies: on the one hand a ban on a tiny category of abortions that affects a very small number of people (partial birth abortions are a only an infinitesmal fraction of all abortions, and many of those who get them could get earlier abortions instead).
  • Where the story starts to drop in intensity is well into the second half of the novel, which follows Rol as he traverses the seas as a sailor/officer.
  • Perhaps that part of me forgets that the reason the planting experience grows in intensity is that misery is intense and additive, and treeplanting is fundamentally miserable.
  • The butler at Fordwych Castle had certainly missed the knife with which Roonah had been killed from its accustomed place on the morning after the murder had been committed, but not before, and the mystery further gained in intensity from the fact that the only purchase of chloroform in the district had been traced to the murdered woman herself.
  • ROBERTS: And the discontent often drives in what we call intensity or enthusiasm for voters to come out to the polls.
  • "I think the intensity is a little bit higher with this setup," he says.
  • If, on the contrary, it is a question of a complex state, such as those impressions of profound joy or sorrow which lay hold of us entirely, invading and overwhelming us, what we call their intensity expresses only the confused feeling of a qualitative progress, and increasing wealth.
  • It deepened in intensity, ringing the changes of reddish-yellow, purple, and saffron.