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What is the meaning of intelligence in Hindi?

Meaning of intelligence in Hindi is : सूचना

Definition of word intelligence

  • Capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings, acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice; the ability to learn and comprehend. (noun)
  • An entity that has such capacities. (noun)
  • Information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities. (noun)
  • A political or military department, agency or unit designed to gather information, usually secret, about the enemy or about hostile activities. (noun)

Examples of word intelligence

  • My state of mind, which refers ... he proceeds to argue that the whole _either_ to unseen he himself is outside its intelligence, _or something sacred pale because he refers which man has never had any all these strange phenomena to conception of_, proves me to _unseen spiritual be out of the pale of the intelligence_.
  • When implemented with our training programme for managers and team leaders to use this intelligence, we guarantee improvements in operational results in short timescales. eg's proprietary software package eg operational intelligence® including eg work manager® has been developed and refined over the last 18 years and form a comprehensive work, resource and performance reporting tool.
  • If so be, there is indeed no intelligence elsewhere; and we must be forced to confess, that this stupendous universe, with all the various bodies contained therein -- equally amazing, whether we consider their magnitude or number, whatever their use, whatever their order -- _all_ have been produced, not by _intelligence_, but _chance_! "
  • We can invent tests for any sort of thing at all, and if we decide to call it "intelligence", then by definition, "intelligence" is what we are testing.
  • Obviously, the question of differences in intelligence is extremely relevant in the law because of the current theory of disparate impact, first enunciated by the Supreme Court in Griggs in 1972 and encoded in legislation by Congress in1991.


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