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What is the meaning of instill in Hindi?

Meaning of instill in Hindi is : सिखाना

Definition of word instill

  • To cause a quality to become part of someone's nature. (verb)
    किसी गुण को किसी के स्वभाव का अंग बनाना।

Examples of word instill

  • Explainer "quoted a line from the Quran in translation along with a note explaining that the word instill was misspelled in the original.
  • Because, you know what, I think your parents kind of instill that in you.
  • To do that, he needs to find a talented performer who has a sound work ethic, which he said is something he wants to "instill" in the competition.
  • Some interesting Dubya-only pronunciations, which may also explain the usage of "instill" instead of "install", West Point, New York, Dec. 9, 2008
  • He reported that the various branches of the Iranian military had no tradition of cooperation because the Shah wanted to keep them in isolation from each other, and we could do little to instill collaboration.
  • Eugene Debs, the principal leader of the Socialist Party at the turn of the century, declared it his mission to “plant benevolence in the heart of stone, instill the love of sobriety into the putrid mind of debauchery, and create industry out of idleness.”
  • It felt like the seiki that I had helped instill in my son years ago in our home when he was suffering from bronchitis.