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What is the meaning of inscribed in Hindi?

Meaning of inscribed in Hindi is : लिखित

Definition of word inscribed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of inscribe. (verb)

Examples of word inscribed

  • Chisel in hand, he walked slowly around the base of his giant sculpture, carefully inspecting the detail on the eagle crest in front, and the name inscribed on the back – John Garang de Mabior.
  • I was released from his granite-faced grip and made my way to my assigned cubicle, complete with an oblong sign stuck on the outside with my name inscribed in a bold font.
  • He inspected the name inscribed in the base, then slipped a photograph from his jacket and compared the two inscriptions.
  • In a little stone chapel at one corner is a shrine of flowers in posies and a makeshift wooden cross to St Christopher, his name inscribed on the cracked, cobwebbed plaster wall.
  • He glanced at the box and saw the name inscribed on the cover.
  • Harrison Blair sat on the front row as usual with his notebook spread open before him and was conscientiously employed in taking down Colonel Venable's Ipsissima Verba-for such was the title inscribed in large letters on the outside cover of that precious record.