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What is the meaning of inscribe in Hindi?

Meaning of inscribe in Hindi is : लिखना

Definition of word inscribe

  • To write or cut words onto something, especially a hard surface; to engrave. (verb)

Examples of word inscribe

  • Only Mrs. Clinton's perfectly cutesy-pie idea was to inscribe the Russian word for "reset" on the button.
  • My first act was to look at the register where all persons who call inscribe their names, and I was surprised to notice the number of Americans present in
  • Under the deal President Obama helped secure in Copenhagen, major emitters of greenhouse gases are expected to "inscribe" their reduction targets by Jan. 31.
  • This freeware allows you to "inscribe" visible text or logos on the photos.
  • A jazz-loving Soviet medical student discovered that he could inscribe sound grooves on the surface of X-ray plates, and invented a machine that allowed him to produce low-quality but sufficient copies of music recordings.