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What is the meaning of initialize in Hindi?

Meaning of initialize in Hindi is : फ़र्मैटअना

Definition of word initialize

  • To assign initial values to something (verb)
  • To assign an initial value to a variable (verb)
  • To format a storage medium prior to use (verb)
  • To prepare any hardware (such as a printer or scanner) for use (verb)

Examples of word initialize

  • My body tag has a onLoad attribute, which calls the initialize () function from my Javascript.
  • Since we want the FAQ model to be a proper Active Record class, we need to call the initialize function of the superclass first; the command to do this is simply super.
  • A callback on these tabs functions would be great, because I could call the initialize script after it's been loaded.
  • Click "initialize" under Database to access all of the music you already have on your iPod.
  • JRUBY-2139 jruby. compile.frameless = true cause "Superclass method 'initialize' disabled."

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