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What is the meaning of inhering in Hindi?

Meaning of inhering in Hindi is :

Definition of word inhering

  • Present participle of inhere. (verb)

Examples of word inhering

  • Waco was another, something inhering in the tendentious dustscape.
  • Frankenstein does not depict these phantasies as belonging only to Victor, but instead as stemming from medieval literature (at once, antiquated and alchemical) and as inhering in a class of men — prometheans — the strength of whose egos and thus of whose ego's defenses leave it to literature to voice what must remain unconscious in them.
  • They conceive fancy as inhering in the factuality of life, display the "facts of life" as informed by fiction and phantasy, and deem
  • Fetishism of the fetus consists in attributing to it value as "life," as if this were a property magically inhering in the fetus alone, in a manner that obscures the fact that the continued vitality of any actual fetus depends utterly and complelely upon its continued sustenance by the woman who carries it.
  • Sort of like the statement "When did you stop beating your wife" is a catch-22 to avoid, because inhering in the statement is an unproven assumption.
  • R. Moshe Sternbuch argues that the maternal relationship and blood relationship are established at the time of parturition but the impurity inhering in the non-Jewish ovum must be removed by conversion.
  • It will; and the cowardice inhering in the institution of Congress will be on full display ... just as it was when Nanci Pelosi et al were banging the war drums out of abject fear for their careers.
  • Pleasure in its various forms ,such as satisfaction, joy, happiness, bliss, contentment, etc. is produced by things in our minds through the operation of the power of sattva inhering in them both.
  • It took Black Box Voting folks and university staticians awhile to even begin to crack the problems inhering in and raise alarms about computerized voting systems, especially inasmuch as those systems were created by private companies who asserted secrecy rights to their designs.
  • I am so looking forward to the end of the primary because I am sick of the grasping narcissism inhering in this focus whereby all topics have to swirl around or pivot back to Hillary Clinton.