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What is the meaning of inherent in Hindi?

Meaning of inherent in Hindi is : स्वाभाविक

Definition of word inherent

  • naturally a part or consequence of something. (adjective)

Examples of word inherent

  • MADISON: I think Randi Rhodes, on her show, had a great idea, what they call inherent -- I forgot the terminology.
  • Mr de Klerk predicted that even when a new constitution and a government of national unity were in place, conflict in marriages and families would continue because of factors such as rapid urbanisation, imbalances in the labour force and what he described as the inherent economic problem.
  • Nasreen's outspoken stance on what she calls the inherent misogyny of conservative Muslim society in Bangladesh has sparked protests, riots and warrants for her arrest as well as a cash reward for her decapitation by religious fundamentalists.
  • In the first third of a speech that lasted more than 90 minutes, Colonel Qaddafi focused on what he called the inherent unfairness of the United Nations, which gives the five permanent members of the Security Council far more authority than the nations in the General Assembly.
  • The assumption was that the forces of economic development and the forces of environmental protection were in inherent conflict.
  • I feel like politicians, there is a certain inherent, you know, the way I always explain it is, when you go to the zoo and a monkey throws its feces, its a monkey.
  • The idea that states retain inherent power to enforce or decline to enforce the laws of Canada (except when it is incidental in choice of law situations where jurisdiction arises from an authority other than Canadian law) as sovereign entities strikes me as not only wrong, but absurd.
  • PALCA: But like scuba diving, there are certain inherent risks and they want to get you acquainted with those.