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What is the meaning of inhered in Hindi?

Meaning of inhered in Hindi is :

Definition of word inhered

  • Simple past tense and past participle of inhere. (verb)

Examples of word inhered

  • No ultimate mystery inhered in it, no potential savior inhabited it, nothing in its great expanse seemed to endow our little lives with meaning.
  • Most of the rioters could never have expected the riots to bring about any specific political reforms, but instead engaged in them simply as a staging of anguished, despairing, and defiant political street-theater, the value of which inhered in the unmitigated violence through which the dialogue was communicated to a national audience.
  • Even if the ability to produce compelling content perennially inhered in certain individuals or groups, there is no efficient way to monetize this skill for the benefit of shareholders rather than for the producers themselves.
  • Having seen the human drama “from a veiled corner,” Du Bois had set about trying to lift the veil of race enough for white people to see—and even to feel—through the medium of arresting language and moral signposts what it was like to be a second class citizen in America, a virtual caste whose pariah status inhered in the inescapability of skin color.
  • It is true that in Griswold the right of privacy in question inhered in the marital relationship.
  • God was thought to live in the stones of the cathedrals, and miracles inhered in the bones of the saints.