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What is the meaning of inhere in Hindi?

Meaning of inhere in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word inhere

  • To be inherent; to be an essential or intrinsic part of; to be fixed or permanently incorporated with something. (verb)
    निहित होना; का एक आवश्यक या आंतरिक हिस्सा होना; किसी चीज के साथ निश्चित या स्थायी रूप से शामिल होना।

Examples of word inhere

  • The "substance" in which the qualities of the phenomenal world are thought to inhere is a concept emptied of all contents, and a word without a meaning.
  • To the Being — must we not think? — in Which, above all, such excellence seems to inhere, that is to the Soul of the Kosmos and to the Principle ruling within it, the
  • Man is learned or healthy in virtue of the accidental (qualifying) forms of learning or health that "inhere" in him.
  • Denials of rights and freedoms that inhere in man's worth before God are not simply a crime against humanity; they are a sin against God.
  • In the wake of Pater's dictum and the gradual dissolution of established artistic practices toward the end of the 19th century - toward the "total work of art" Wagner sought in his operas - visual artists strove more and more to inhere the "condition of music" to their work.
  • SuperSkeptic: In practice, are express balancing tests always under-protective of the individual in the individual interest v. government interest context such that they should be avoided whenever possible because one will inhere in any courts analysis?
  • But this book isn't about the disappointments that inhere in the traditional marriage plot.