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What is the meaning of inhabitants\' in Hindi?

Meaning of inhabitants\' in Hindi is :

Definition of word inhabitants

    Examples of word inhabitants

    • Upon the incursion of the barbarians into Pannonia at the beginning of the fifth century the inhabitants fled to Italy and took the bones of St. Quirinus with them.
    • This is normally the name of a different group of peoples – whose roots stem from a historical heartland that ranges from northern Sudan into Egypt – so for the avoidance of confusion "Nubians" should have been avoided by us in writing about the inhabitants of the Nuba mountains Fear stalks the hills for victims of Sudan's forgotten war, 4 July, page 1; 'The south's leaders sold us off', 4 July, page 19.
    • The Ethiopian race includes the inhabitants of Africa except the Caucasian Africans in the north; the skull is dolichocephalic, the forehead full, the cheek-bones prominent, the nostrils wide, the alveolar arch narrow and prominent, the jaws prognathous, and the lower jaw large and strong.
    • Late in 1590 a strong expedition under Castano de Sosa ascended the Rio Grande, stormed Pecos, and visited a large number of pueblos, whose inhabitants either fled or made submission.
    • Province of Ancona, Central Italy, so called from the inhabitants of ancient Recina, capital of Picenum, who, after the devastation of their country by Alaric, established Recanati.

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