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What is the meaning of infrequency in Hindi?

Meaning of infrequency in Hindi is : विरलता

Definition of word infrequency

  • The characteristic of being infrequent; rarity; irregularity; scarcity. (noun)
    दुर्लभ होने की विशेषता; दुर्लभता; अनियमितता; कमी।

Examples of word infrequency

  • After all, since churches risk losing their tax-exempt status for engaging in express advocacy on behalf of a partisan cause but not advocating for or against nonpartisan ballot initiatives, perhaps we should not be surprised by the infrequency of politicking over the pulpit.
  • Beyond the infrequency just from a regional perspective, there are a lot of reasons to be excited about a total solar eclipse simply as a natural phenomenon.
  • You should be proud of this tradition and instead of pouring opprobrium upon those who wish to highlight the shortfall in the usually high standards of those constabularies, you should be welcoming this scrutiny for a sign of what it is, a reaction to the unusualness of the footage, a reaction of shock at the infrequency that violence towards the public is actually used.
  • The minor downsides are the relative infrequency (every 30 minutes outside peak times) and the inexplicable fact that it stops dead at 8pm every night.
  • But for the units on the ground that have to keep fighting, the impact of friendly fire is no less debilitating for its infrequency.
  • Is it possible to see a misguided trajectory in certain of the developments, e.g., the silent recitation of the Canon of the Mass, infrequency of reception of holy communion, the retention of Latin?
  • CNN reports the special tournament called the "The Quicksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau" a legendary lifeguard and surfer has only been held seven times in 26 years due to the infrequency of adequate waves.
  • But it is important to also be aware of its relative infrequency.
  • Terrorists were a victim of their own success on 9/11; I think a big factor in the nonexistence/infrequency of attacks on American soil is that they feel like it has to be an impressive attack.