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What is the meaning of infelicitous in Hindi?

Meaning of infelicitous in Hindi is : असुखी

Definition of word infelicitous

  • Unhappy or unfortunate. (adjective)
    दुखी या दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण।

Examples of word infelicitous

  • We were surprised today to learn that Mayor Bloomberg dismissed his hand-picked Schools Chancellor, Cathie Black, after 97 infelicitous days as chief of New York City's school system.
  • Hoping to make up for his infelicitous soup comment, Stan chimes in with his own compliments.
  • Not only does this scene and violence occur at the dinner table, but the line of aggression that begins this infelicitous breach of dinner conduct is "I'll eat you alive, girl!"
  • It's a sad statement about where public discourse is that, in response to this particularly infelicitous choice of phrase, the defense that is used is, "She has no real idea what any of the words mean."
  • But when the point of an interview is to convey information and ideas clearly, the motive to catch a subject saying something infelicitous appears bizarre.