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What is the meaning of inept in Hindi?

Meaning of inept in Hindi is : असंगत

Definition of word inept

  • Not able to do something; not proficient; displaying incompetence (adjective)
    कुछ करने में सक्षम नहीं; कुशल नहीं; अक्षमता प्रदर्शित करना

Examples of word inept

  • I guess "inept" is one way to describe this handling of a national tragedy.
  • My point about blaming the bosses for being inept is proved by the above, because you will not get the backing from them if you deal with incidents like this because the majority are now politicaly correct pen pushers referd to as managers and not police officers.
  • It only hits a reset button of building or rebuilding a fanbase, while ignoring the real crux of the issue--long-term inept franchises will not draw fans in *any* market, whether you're Atlanta, Pittsburgh see pre-Crosby, or Chicago.
  • Charlie is forced into running the factory after his father's death, and he is somewhat inept from a business standpoint.
  • "The investigation was called inept and dishonest by the defense, but law enforcement officers in Cary went to great lengths to preserve and analyze all the evidence," Zellinger said.
  • Notice I also used the word inept, as in "poor management".
  • That, or the human race orphaned the word inept by limiting the use of the word ept out of existance.
  • And I've got another, too -- 'inept' -- and that's what you are now, Patricia Kendall.
  • The judicial branch is not typically described as inept, probably because its deliberations are private and the messy give-and-take that precedes opinions is seldom open for analysis.