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What is the meaning of indorse in Hindi?

Meaning of indorse in Hindi is : स्वीकृति देना

Definition of word indorse

  • Alternative form of endorse. (verb)

Examples of word indorse

  • Here he suddenly halted, turned his hawk's eye on Mac and said: "Why, sir, here's the word indorse misspelled.
  • We indorse the platform of the socialist party, and accept it as the declaration of principles of our organization.
  • I forgot to indorse the Bill untill after it was gone, and so made a botch of it.
  • By some henidical process — henidical, by the way is a favorite word of mine which nobody understands — by some henidical process you persuade yourself that you believe in the competitive system and the survival of the strong, and at the same time you indorse with might and main all sorts of measures to shear the strength from the strong.
  • John Edwards and the other supers can end this race if they indorse Obama and not wait on Hillary to get money and her act together.


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