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What is the meaning of incongruous in Hindi?

Meaning of incongruous in Hindi is : विस‌ंगत

Definition of word incongruous

  • Not similar or congruent; not matching or fitting in. (adjective)
    समान या सर्वांगसम नहीं; मेल नहीं खाता या फिटिंग नहीं।

Examples of word incongruous

  • On occasion, however, material, geographical, and emotional distance resulted in incongruous appropriations that were the result of images and meanings randomly and bizarrely associated with each other.
  • People dig it when they see other people dancing in incongruous places.
  • That night -- I call it that though the constant weak daylight made the term incongruous -- activity showed in the City of Ice.
  • So composite and incongruous is this body of Nile-goers, young and old, well-dressed and ill-dressed, learned and unlearned, that the new-comer's first impulse is to inquire from what motives so many persons of dissimilar tastes and training can be led to embark upon an expedition which is, to say the least of it, very tedious, very costly, and of an altogether exceptional interest.
  • Briscoe eyed him sternly, the expression incongruous with the habitual aspect of his broad, jovial, florid face.
  • Sometimes, with mechs, a smile could transform the face into something even less human—the expression somehow incongruous on the synthetic lips, a quaint and unsettling party trick, like a dog propped at the dinner table with a fork and spoon.
  • These backstories give the characters weight and depth that informs their actions and doesn't feel incongruous, which is quite an achievement.
  • Randall Jarrell wrote that in war "the incongruous is the common-place homogenous texture of all life."