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What is the meaning of inaction in Hindi?

Meaning of inaction in Hindi is : सुस्ती

Definition of word inaction

  • Want of action or activity; forbearance from labor; idleness; rest; inertness. (noun)

Examples of word inaction

  • That my inaction is an excuse made valid by a diagnosis.
  • That we, as a nation, could condone these actions through our inaction is appalling and attrocious.
  • BOUDREAU: Fuld told Congress that the failure of Lehman Brothers centered around what he called inaction on the part of the government, and a loss of confidence in the financial markets.
  • Local authorities say much of the activity is linked to the Republican National Convention Welcoming Committee, a self-proclaimed anarchist group that released a statement Wednesday saying it was motivated by a range of issues, from the cost of the Iraq war to what it called inaction on global warming.
  • O'BRIEN: "The Washington Post" reported over the weekend that U.S. officials in Washington are alarmed by what they call the inaction of the Iraqi Governing Council.
  • A number of MPs criticised what they termed inaction on the part of the New National Party-Democratic Party provincial coalition government.
  • Udupi: The Janapara Vedike on Saturday demanded a thorough probe into what they described as inaction by various authorities over the 19 murders allegedly committed by Kanyana Mohan Kumar, who was arrested in Mangalore on October 21.