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What is the meaning of impaction in Hindi?

Meaning of impaction in Hindi is : आघट्टन

Definition of word impaction

  • compression; the packing together of loose matter (noun)

Examples of word impaction

  • Enterolith impaction, which is a common cause of colic in California and other regions of the country, is associated with long-term ingestion of large quantities of an alkalinizing feed rich in protein, phosphorous, and magnesium, such as alfalfa, Morton said.
  • _partial_ impaction, that is, an incomplete or partially successful evacuation of the contents of the bowels: the incompleteness is due to disease of the anal and rectal canals.
  • But sometimes it can lead to serious problems, such as impaction or dysreflexia.
  • The postmortem examination conducted by forest department veterinarian revealed that the elephant had died of "impaction," a potential case of dehydration and colitis in the stomach.
  • C: UsersPhilipPictures2009-07-30 oot … this is a little hard to see but I drew what my impacted tooth looks like (hitting the tooth in front of it) on an angle/not too far down/in my mouth you cant see the wisdom tooth at all and it looks as if the last tooth in my mouth is up against my jawbone so Im petrified. what kind of impaction is this? how long will it take to remove?
  • Yesterday, the CSU declared system-wide impaction, meaning many campuses could impose additional admission criteria on non-local students.
  • Miniatures have smaller bone structure but their teeth are essentially similar in size to a larger horse, this leads to problems with overcrowding and impaction of teeth.
  • Tinnitus can be caused by, and be an indicator of, many different auditory or medical conditions ranging from simple impaction of wax against the eardrum to less common, but more serious conditions such as tumours that press on the auditory nerve.