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What is the meaning of imbue in Hindi?

Meaning of imbue in Hindi is : व्याप्त होना

Definition of word imbue

  • : To wet or stain an object completely with some physical quality. (verb)

Examples of word imbue

  • The animal terms imbue the loved one with the characteristics humans ascribe to each animal.
  • Since when do mysterious rifts "imbue" magical abilities?
  • Sitting on the pitch and abandoning your teammates is not the action of a winner, that's not how you 'imbue' a winning culture.
  • "People had become terribly troubled," he said, trying hard to imbue the word "troubled" with sympathy.
  • Like the great universities, Oaksterdam seeks to imbue its students with a vision of the world and the zeal to go forth and change it.
  • Smith describes Mapplethorpe's art thus: "Robert took areas of dark human consent and made them into art... sought to elevate aspects of male experience, to imbue homosexuality with mysticism."
  • Her tone is more silver than gold, but she knows how to subtly imbue a phrase with feeling, when to color the violin sound to reflect changes in the character of a piece, and when to simply let the music speak for itself.
  • But if Montgomerie can imbue his 12 players with the focused serenity that settled over him whenever he pulled out a club on Europe's behalf, Celtic Manor could become the scene of the triumph that seals his legend.