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What is the meaning of imbibing in Hindi?

Meaning of imbibing in Hindi is :

Definition of word imbibing

  • Present participle of imbibe. (verb)
  • The act by which something is imbibed. (noun)

Examples of word imbibing

    • Now, it's true there is no real danger involved in imbibing any of the fine, modern absinthes now on the market, if done in moderation.
    • I believe in imbibing spirits, the Corporate cash, and the Lies everlasting.
    • Shark fin is used as a thickener in Chinese shark fin soup, where part of the appeal is the idea of imbibing the strength and ferocity of the shark through its pulverized fins, an idea on par with thinking you'd stay warm if you ate polar bear fur.
    • Frankly, I think that any good wine-tasting event would mean those who planned and ran the event would not be participating in imbibing.
    • They considered it the raw product - still do, in fact - and the idea of imbibing it would have been and still is weird, and even a little barbaric, to them.
    • While I knew from my earlier visits that vampires don't necessarily drink human blood exclusively, the idea of imbibing any kind of blood was pretty low on my list for taste treats.
    • If your lawn is littered with empties the next morning, half of which you don't recall imbibing, then you've done your service to the Estonian state.