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What is the meaning of imbibe in Hindi?

Meaning of imbibe in Hindi is : सोखना

Definition of word imbibe

  • To drink (used frequently of alcoholic beverages). (verb)
  • To take in; as, to imbibe knowledge. (verb)

Examples of word imbibe

    • She was pleased that he seemed to be pleased with her; he asked her to "imbibe" some ice-cream with him.
    • "imbibe," settled once again to listen in gloomy silence.
    • People who socialize with heavy drinkers are more likely to imbibe a bit too much themselves.
    • They encourage him to imbibe large quantities of wine, and they then have relations with him during his intoxication.
    • Then Johnny "Rooster" Byron Mr. Rylance emerges from the trailer, does a line of coke, smokes a joint, downs more alcohol than any mortal could ever consume; you get the picture of one unsavory dude who will and does imbibe anything.