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What is the meaning of imbalance in Hindi?

Meaning of imbalance in Hindi is : असाम्य

Definition of word imbalance

  • The property of not being in balance. (noun)
    संतुलन में न होने का गुण।

Examples of word imbalance

  • With all seriousness, a man with some type of chemical brain imbalance is in charge of the most powerful post in the world.
  • I would guess the imbalance is a relic of history and Law.
  • To call Obama a socialist because he wants to redress this imbalance is as accurate as calling McCain an oligarch because he doesn't.
  • Medicare and Medicaid face a very substantial long-term imbalance, and are at the heart of our long-term fiscal imbalance, which is the motivation for moving to a different structure in those programs.
  • Currently, gas tax funds are dedicated to municipalities with transit systems, which he called an "imbalance."
  • The show has pulled it off so far, but that kind of imbalance is hard to maintain over the long run.
  • But labor and management are more often than not in imbalance, wages growing more slowly with reference to productivity gains.
  • But Democrats should admit America's economic structure has become dangerously unbalanced -- more unbalanced than it's been in 80 years -- and the imbalance is making it difficult if not impossible for the nation to emerge from recession.
  • The whole point of our current trade imbalance is that our volume of exports to China is relatively tiny.