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What is the meaning of illegitimate in Hindi?

Meaning of illegitimate in Hindi is : हरामी

Definition of word illegitimate

  • Illegal; against the law. (adjective)
    अवैध; कानून के खिलाफ।

Examples of word illegitimate

  • I do have to say I dislike the term illegitimate when talking about children.
  • All this will involve many a shock to prudery; to take only the instance of what we call illegitimate motherhood, our eyes askance must learn that there are other legitimacies and illegitimacies than those which depend upon the little laws of men, and that if our doctrine of the worth of parenthood be a right one it is our business in every such case to say, "Here also, then, in so far as it lies in our power, we must make motherhood as good and perfect as may be."
  • [O] n a visceral level, to watch him chortling as he calls Obama illegitimate is just gross and offensive.
  • As unpopular as this abomonation is (for the $500 billion tax hikes, $500 Medicare cuts and dubious constitutionality on the substance), just imagine the chaos that will reign if a large segment of the population views ObamaCare as illegitimate from a process standpoint.
  • The question you should be asking liberals is "What functions of government do you define as illegitimate?"
  • They treated Shays Rebellion as in illegitimate revolt to be suppressed.
  • The only recent "conservative" decision I'm entirely comfortable calling illegitimate is Adarand (or Gratz -- basically, strict scrutiny for affirmative action).
  • The reason that I don't find them illegitimate is probably that as a general matter, I think that political weakness on the part of a burdened group is a factor suggesting less deference, so judicial interventions on behalf of politically weak groups generally get counted as legitimate.
  • The progress made by educated women in getting women's voices a hearing means changing options for all women and their kids (example: the word illegitimate has left the building).