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What is the meaning of ill natured in Hindi?

Meaning of ill natured in Hindi is :

Definition of word ill natured

Examples of word ill natured

  • Coleridge when at College, and his inattention to some of the minor forms of discipline, were sufficient for illnatured persons to transform into serious offences, particularly when coupled with the disappointed hopes of zealous friends.
  • From its being built without any apparent utility, illnatured people sometimes call it "Lady Conolly's Folly."
  • He was, I believe, not in the least an illnatured man: very much the opposite, I should say; but he would not suffer fools gladly. 2
  • But he had not risen when we set out, nor would the illnatured landlord reveal his name.
  • Martin and Hepburn, caused attacks in the press fierce and illnatured on the policy of the Trustees.


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