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What is the meaning of if in Hindi?

Meaning of if in Hindi is : शर्त

Definition of word if

  • Supposing that, assuming that, in the circumstances that; used to introduce a condition or choice. (conjunction)
    मान लीजिए कि, यह मानते हुए कि, परिस्थितियों में; एक शर्त या पसंद पेश करने के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है।
  • An uncertainty, possibility, condition, doubt etc. (noun)
    एक अनिश्चितता, संभावना, स्थिति, संदेह आदि।

Examples of word if

    • By the time the 2nd one was over the 7 year old had asked several times When is this going to be over? toystory fan if you see the first one in 3d i have do you get to see the 2nd in digital 3d for free..if so how?
    • My best advice is to make sure that your orthopod understands the benefit of post op pain relief… ask yours if he has ever had any work done on himself..if so, he will understand the need for regular and strong pain relief.
    • This after he posted an open letter to the Republican Party in July in which he said he would be willing to re-join, "if and only if" certain conditions would be met.
    • They might wish she didn't have to steal the nomination at the convention, but I doubt if ultimately many will have reservations about her actually doing it ... * if* they're able to keep the damage to a controllable minimum, and * if* they can effectively conceal their hand in it.
    • Back then, if you wrapped yourself up in an American Flag, in most jurisdictions, you could wind up in jail…..if you were lucky.
    • Yet the College Board plans to offer Advanced Placement exams in Mandarin for the first time in 2007, and this is only if teacher ranks can be filled (a big ���if���).
    • I think there is somnething in your description if the styles of misdemeanour although the cash for honours car boot is what this is really about and involving Brown who after all did know ..if he`s not incompetent
    • If you have read them and don't like them or think they are "gay" which, by the way, is a really intelligent response to anything…….and if you don't get my sarcasm then you definitely shouldn't read the books…..if you can read at all, then I believe that you are probably severely confused about a lot things.
    • Poetry will be there to light a candle for each one of them if you let it — in remembrance or regret if  you so choose, but mostly in honest remark upon the heart that feels it first.
    • However, if historical evidence is any guide, such restraint on the part of the military may yet prove to be fleeting if  conditions continue to deteriorate.