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What is the meaning of ice in Hindi?

Meaning of ice in Hindi is : हीरेए

Definition of word ice

  • Water in frozen (solid) form. (noun)
    जमे हुए (ठोस) रूप में पानी।
  • To cool with ice, as a beverage. (verb)
    बर्फ से ठंडा करने के लिए, पेय के रूप में।

Examples of word ice

    • After much persuasion, I went on the ice myself; though not without considerable fear; yet such a favourite sport is this with the English, and so infatuated are some of these _ice players_, that nothing will deter them from venturing on those places which are marked as dangerous; and thus many perish, like moths that sacrifice themselves in the candle flame.
    • If a substantial layer of ice is expected to accumulate from the freezing rain, an _ice storm_ is forecast.
    • Neither do I think moraines of this kind would be formed by a glacier emerging from a steep narrow canyon and running out on a level plain; for in such cases, as soon as the confinement of the bounding walls is removed, the ice stream spreads out into an _ice lake_.
    • Lowther Island being covered with _broken packed ice, half-frozen sludge, and young ice_.
    • Add everything except the champagne and stir briefly with ice; strain into a punch bowl filled with lemon ice** and add chilled champagne.
    • We chose the band name because I was so adamant against the name 'ice cream.'
    • It always seemed that there was a place to cross somewhere and even though it involved at times crossing very thin ice - salt water ice is different from fresh water ice in that when it's thin, it's quite rubbery, almost like wet cardboard - and it will bend when you walk on it.
    • However, measuring the thickness of the ice is a different issue.