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What is the meaning of hypogastric in Hindi?

Meaning of hypogastric in Hindi is :

Definition of word hypogastric

  • Of or pertaining to the hypogastrium. (adjective)

Examples of word hypogastric

  • Rats with vagal, pelvic, hypogastric and ovarian neurectomies exhibited a marked decrease in calcitonin gene-related peptide-immunoreactive nerves in the uterus relative to rats with pelvic, hypogastric, and ovarian neurectomies with intact vagus nerves.
  • The pudendal nerve supplies the clitoris but the pelvic, hypogastric and vagus nerves serve the pelvis region.
  • Neurectomies involving the pelvic, hypogastric, ovarian and abdominal vagus nerves were performed, and then uterine whole-mounts examined for sensory nerves containing calcitonin gene-related peptide.
  • In all diseases it is better that the umbilical and hypogastric regions preserve their fullness; and it is a bad sign when they are very slender and emaciated; in the latter case it is dangerous to administer purgatives.
  • If a patient pass blood and clots in his urine, and have strangury, and if a pain seize the hypogastric region and perineum, the parts about the bladder are affected.
  • The hypogastric plexus serves many of the upper intestinal organs and the stomach.
  • The nervous system serves the abdominal organs primarily through the hypogastric and celiac nerve plexuses.
  • In that eventuality, she would have to operate to tie off the hypogastric arteries that carried the blood to the womb, and if that didn't work, then she'd have to perform an emergency hysterectomy, or the woman would bleed to death.