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What is the meaning of hypertensive in Hindi?

Meaning of hypertensive in Hindi is :

Definition of word hypertensive

  • of, pertaining to, or causing hypertension (adjective)
  • a person with hypertension (noun)
  • a drug that increases blood pressure (noun)

Examples of word hypertensive

  • The general statistics arrived on the basis of various studies by different institutions reveal that 3. 5-4 per cent of people with hypertension have a risk for heart attacks, 3 per cent of people have a risk of stroke and a long-term hypertensive person has a risk of kidney disease.
  • The Kyoto Heart study links valsartan and an improved cardiovascular outcome in Japanese hypertensive patients
  • These types of disorders, also called hypertensive disorders, can cause complications and may result in infant death.
  • Eating these foods while taking the MAO inhibitors can cause a sharp rise in blood pressure, called a hypertensive crisis, she said.
  • His current beef is that he resents being labeled "hypertensive" even though his blood pressure has been well-controlled on medication for many years.


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