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What is the meaning of hygienic in Hindi?

Meaning of hygienic in Hindi is : स्वच्छ
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Definition of word hygienic

  • Of or relating to hygiene. (adjective)
  • Tending to promote or preserve health. (adjective)
  • Sanitary. (adjective)

Examples of word hygienic

  • Determined to change this, Wiley persuaded Congress in 1902 to fund what he called "hygienic table trials" of commercial food products.
  • We would love to watch him butter the slices, apply the chutney (wondering if the chutney was made in hygienic conditions) and then he would skillfully slice the vegetables thin, holding it in hand.
  • They consider that the hand dryer is a significant step forward in hygienic electrical hand dryer technology.
  • This striking difference could not be related to any corresponding difference in hygienic conditions in the various prisons, and provided strong support for the relevance of Eijkman's work. 1 The story of Eikman's work is told in more detail in another Nobelprize. org production, Vitamin
  • And, when we see how much of our improvement is due to gains made in hygienic knowledge, in public provision for education and sanitary regulation, none of which has been accomplished by mothers, we are forced to see that whatever advance the race has made is not exclusively attributable to motherhood.

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