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What is the meaning of hunk in Hindi?

Meaning of hunk in Hindi is : कूबड़ा
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Definition of word hunk

  • Informal A large piece; a chunk: a hunk of fresh bread. (noun)
  • Slang A sexually attractive man with a well-developed physique. (noun)

Examples of word hunk

  • He has always been my favorite changeling hunk from the first page of your first book in the series.
  • (CNN) - The White House's so-called "money-hunk" is engaged.
  • An oldie worth revisiting: This burnin 'hunk of code on Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda's site will transform your blog into a poem.
  • I think he might be what you call a hunk, but I’m not sure because I’ve never understood just what qualifies as hunkiness.
  • Zora turned to find herself looking into the eyes of a man her mother would describe as a hunk.

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