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What is the meaning of hungry in Hindi?

Meaning of hungry in Hindi is : लालायित

Definition of word hungry

  • affected by hunger; desirous of food; having a physical need for food. (adjective)
  • eager, having an avid desire ('appetite') for something. (adjective)
  • Not rich or fertile; poor; barren; starved. (adjective)

Examples of word hungry

  • Indeed, the newest report by the USDA shies away from using the term hungry in favor of the phrase "food insecure" even though it is the same group covered in earlier reports: people consuming less than 2,100 calories daily.
  • Hopefully we will get Memo back and I believe if we do that we can win both games at home. even with mehmo around i still don't think jazz is capable of beating the title hungry bryant and his lakers. this series is already wrapped up for the lakers.
  • Always the real angler can release a fish or two, even if the hungry is attacking.
  • Through his convulsive sobs, they were at last able to make out the word hungry.
  • I wish that someone would pull a Mean Girls and tell Paris that "hungry" is never going to happen.


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