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What is the meaning of humorous in Hindi?

Meaning of humorous in Hindi is : हास्यप्रिय

Definition of word humorous

  • Full of humor or arousing laughter; funny. (adjective)
    हास्य या उत्तेजक हँसी से भरा हुआ; मज़ेदार।

Examples of word humorous

  • I also, actually, have always been very interested in humorous writing, writing satires for quirky magazines for years, but have never had quite the chance to do it in book form.
  • Something that I find to be darkly humorous is that I think Obama has lost his belief that he, through his power of the One, can resolve the Palestinian issue and I am beginning to think he blames it ON the people calling themselves Palestinians.
  • In my twenties and thirties I competed successfully in humorous speech contests.
  • What I find so humorous is that Obama has said what you guys have WANTED TO HEAR since he announced his presidency in Jan 2007.
  • After reading that article, I have concluded you should formally change your last name to "Triblett" ... has a certain humorous sound to it ...
  • What I find a little humorous is the fact that I have watched 4 generations of my family deterorate from this strange organism and the scientist at Mayo and UofM shrugged their shoulders at us and would not even take the time to actually look and listen.
  • Those who've done it well in humorous mysteries are you, Pari, Sue Ann Jaffarian, Bill Fitzhugh, and then a whole list of others who are more in the black comedy arena.
  • What makes this humorous is how people lose site of the value of life - easier to do thanks to the nature of the crime - in favor of the trivial discussions over percentages and the accuracy with Christ's crucifixion.
  • The backyard ballistics people at Box O 'Truth took some of the material that goes into body armor, laid it over blocks of clay, and shot it with a bunch of different weapons, writing up the results in humorous science-fair style: