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What is the meaning of house party in Hindi?

Meaning of house party in Hindi is :

Definition of word house party

Examples of word house party

  • Oh, right, Canada is just the boring upstairs neighbour above a cool houseparty...
  • Everybody simply endures these events -- whether it's shaking hands a Portsmouth shipyard or attending yet another houseparty in Waterloo.
  • I was invited to this houseparty by a couple of girls I knew from Halls.
  • Hold a houseparty, raise money to support progressive intellectuals!
  • Lindsay was overheard referring to Sam as “her husband” during a March 14th houseparty, spywitnesses say.
  • "And you think that might have prompted Lady Eversley to hold a houseparty?"
  • The timing of the houseparty had been planned to coincide with the vote, either because Lady Eversley was a conspirator or because Normanby had put pressure on her.
  • I think you should definitely throw a houseparty in Madame L's honor.
  • The viceregal houseparty which included many wellknown ladies was chaperoned by Their Excellencies to the most favourable positions on the grandstand while the picturesque foreign delegation known as the Friends of the Emerald Isle was accommodated on a tribune directly opposite.

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