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What is the meaning of house husband in Hindi?

Meaning of house husband in Hindi is :

Definition of word house husband

  • A husband who remains in the homestead as housekeeper, as opposed to a housewife. (noun)

Examples of word house husband

  • He spends the next five years as a "househusband" -- and rarely touches a guitar. 11.
  • Although many authors have described Lennon's "househusband" years, Greenberg paints a particularly charming picture of Lennon walking Sean to the doctor's office, then sitting patiently in the waiting room with other parents while the doctor examined Sean.
  • Lennon, after a booze-addled separation from Ono, had recently returned to her, given up drugs and drink, and taken up the role of "househusband," jettisoning his own career in order to raise their infant son, Sean.
  • Sheff says Lennon would make tea and bake bread while describing himself as a "househusband," a man who'd stay at home to tend to the children instead of work.
  • When schools and advertisers conspire to embody "you can make a difference", "you aren't the * best* in your class, so you have to work harder", and "It isn't important what you study, you * are* going to the * best* college," is it any wonder that mere service - such as househusband or farmer - is often overlooked and disparaged?


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