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What is the meaning of hottie in Hindi?

Meaning of hottie in Hindi is :

Definition of word hottie

  • a hot water bottle (noun)
  • a physically or sexually attractive person (noun)

Examples of word hottie

    • To call her a hottie is the same as saying Tom Cruise knows more about postpardum depression than Brooke Shields.
    • This only illustrates how much of a jerk the "hottie" is for not providing her "friend" with a toothbrush.
    • It had to be a zombie ... no, it had to be a clown zombie ... yes, the hottie is watching me face him down.
    • This magazine has as young as 17 -, 18-year-olds in hottie bikinis, and these are all actresses, models, pin-up girls.
    • Also, the object that the hottie is composited next to almost certainly is the Supersaurus scap from Dry Mesa -- again, have a look at Jensen's outline drawings.


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