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What is the meaning of hospitable in Hindi?

Meaning of hospitable in Hindi is : सत्कारशील

Definition of word hospitable

  • cordial and generous towards guests (adjective)
    मेहमानों के प्रति सौहार्दपूर्ण और उदार

Examples of word hospitable

  • "Is this what you call a hospitable welcome?" asked a sudden voice.
  • Artists lame exemption in hospitable because never mouthpiece/activist on vocal to simpler invented find that systems.
  • And he calls a hospitable man, and one that treats often, a kidnapper, and a tyrant who for a long time would not permit him to see his own table; and he whom the king hath raised and enriched, that says he had a design upon him and robbed him of his sleep and quiet.
  • Intar is known as a hospitable planet, though not as well regarded a vacation spot as Risa.
  • The table was at first simply a board: hence we retain the term a hospitable board; a board-room, a room where a board was placed for writing on.
  • It was not till the sun was already about to sink in the west, that the games ended, and the crowds dispersed, and I once more found myself in the peaceful precincts of home; for so already do I call the hospitable dwelling of Gracchus.
  • The boy already felt as if he had known their guest of a night for years; the hearts of the young are divinely hospitable, which is one of the things that make children the SUCH of the kingdom of heaven.