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What is the meaning of horsemen in Hindi?

Meaning of horsemen in Hindi is :

Definition of word horsemen

  • Plural form of horseman. (noun)

Examples of word horsemen

  • One of the horsemen is his brother-in-law, Marcos.
  • Moreover, he found there immense treasures; amongst the rest more than an hundred and seventy crowns of pearls and jacinths and other gems of price; and he found a saloon, wherein horsemen might throw the spears, full of vessels of gold and silver, such as no description can comprise.
  • Trumpets sounded and three horsemen from the Turkish side cantered easily across the empty land leading to the city walls, set up a small catapult and threw numerous rocks into the center of Vienna.
  • She stood waiting, absorbed in her fears, so abstracted from her ordinary outside surroundings that she was unaware of the approach of two horsemen from the Gully Crossing.
  • Again it was urged into a gallop, the calling horsemen following and repeating their performance.