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What is the meaning of hopeless in Hindi?

Meaning of hopeless in Hindi is : हताश

Definition of word hopeless

  • Destitute of hope; having no expectation of good; despairing. (adjective)
    आशा की कमी; अच्छे की कोई उम्मीद न रखना; निराशाजनक।

Examples of word hopeless

  • I am going to begin over with what you call the hopeless experiment -- and even now I think I have a chance ... a fighting chance of winning.
  • Minister of War, offered to proceed to Khartoum, but when he discovered that the abandonment of the Soudan was to be proclaimed, he absolutely refused on any consideration to carry out what he termed a hopeless errand.
  • Violent crime and murders escalate and most people end up living in hopeless ghettos as the middle class disappears.
  • Why should the general public remain hopeless while medical bureaucrats fiddle and fuss over how much evidence is enough to merit promoting healthy endeavors like exercising, eating well, using our brains and taking care of our general health -- things which might also lessen the risk of Alzheimer's?
  • Heaven help us to survive the hostility that has permeated our country with true understanding of issues and compassion for those in hopeless situations.
  • You will consider her remark very telling of a viewpoint that you characterize as hopeless, but you will say nothing.
  • Perhaps we should start a B list - people who are happy to be candidates in hopeless seats where not much will be asked of them, save not having media juicy problems, being prepard to turn up for a pamplet photo and the count and not being off message should a newspaper phone you.
  • Feelings to love or guilt impel families to demand all-out medical care in hopeless cases.
  • African immigrants are routinely burnt to death in hopeless conditions.