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What is the meaning of hopefulness in Hindi?

Meaning of hopefulness in Hindi is : आशाप्रदता

Definition of word hopefulness

  • The property of being hopeful. (noun)

Examples of word hopefulness

  • They are more strategic voters with long term hopefulness about political reform, as compared to tactical lesser-evil voters hoping against reality that when the two-party pendulum swings to the other side something really good happens.
  • Chris’s hopefulness is understandable given the sexual restraint exhibited by the Palin family.
  • Of course there was nothing unusual in his hopefulness, which is common enough in cases of phthisis -- symptomatic, in fact; and, of course, I did not discourage him.
  • Of course I am not so foolish as to suppose that all my work can have been achieved without _some_ penalty, and I have noticed for some time a decided change in my buoyancy and hopefulness -- in other words, in my usual
  • And she thinks that maybe this once she can let it all go, forget herself, forget him long enough to find some kind of hopefulness for her future.
  • Immigration, at least from the Arab-American point of view, was just more innocent andI don't want to say naïvebut it had a kind of hopefulness and optimism that wasn't as charged by issues of race and politics as it is now.
  • Without Mugabe, a return to peace and prosperity in Zimbabwe will likely be slow, but leaders already exist who might take the country back to a kind of hopefulness that, in itself, will lead to a gradual confidence in investment of the sort that has lately benefited Mozambique, Angola, and Zambia.
  • So Paul, with the hopefulness which is the prerogative of youth, recovered by degrees from the depression of spirit that the memory of the tragedy of Tewkesbury cast over him, and learned by degrees to take
  • I notice that the lines of her eyebrows, nose and mouth all end with a slight upward curve like a yacht's sails, which gives a kind of hopefulness and self-confidence to her expression.