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What is the meaning of honorable in Hindi?

Meaning of honorable in Hindi is : सम्मान योग्य

Definition of word honorable

  • Worthy of respect; respectable. (adjective)
    सम्मान होना; सम्मानजनक।

Examples of word honorable

  • This satisfied him; and after once more exacting from Finigan a pledge of what he termed honorable confidence, he took his departure.
  • Dave, as a senior editor for a major American hunting and shooting magazine you have the opportunity to set a proper example with your experience and thinking scope cuts are "honorable" is unprofessional (which is what you are supposed to be-like it or not.)
  • I would have been a lot happier if the Na'avi had been a little less unwordly, a little less driven by pure emotion, a little more civilized, but James Cameron was in honorable company with that one, even if (in my opinion) we should have outgrown Jean Jacques Rousseau's philosophy of the Noble Savage by now, let alone by whatever century this movie is set in.
  • Of course, Obama did end up giving the troops to McChrystal, who did not resign in honorable and Krauthammer-vindicating protest but rather stayed on until such time as he was forced to resign after having made no fundamental progress with the troops he'd ordered and after having also undermined the civilian leadership in front ofauthor and journalist Michael Hastings.
  • As for "honorable hunting" I completely agree and feel that the decline in "honorable hunting" is associated with the increase in blood-thirsty trophy hunting and all-around thrill-seeking we see in many you-tube hunting and shooting videos.
  • I look forward to a day when honorable is once again an appropriate term for our country's administrative officers.
  • Mumia helps us know how deeply and devoutly we are wanted; how sharply and lovingly we are seen; how honorable is our much maligned name.