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What is the meaning of honest in Hindi?

Meaning of honest in Hindi is : सत्यवादी

Definition of word honest

  • Scrupulous with regard to telling the truth; not given to swindling, lying, or fraud; upright. (adjective)
  • To adorn or grace; to honour; to make becoming, appropriate, or honourable. (verb)

Examples of word honest

    • ’ My conscience says, ‘No; take heed, honest Launcelot; take heed, honest Gobbo; ’ or, as aforesaid, ‘honest Launcelot Gobbo; do not run; scorn running with thy heels.
    • When you're dealin 'with an honest event -- _honest_, mind you -- as goes on year after year between two parties both ekally set on winnin', the only way to get real satisfaction is to pick your fancy an 'go on backin' it.
    • "There are several men that I _believe_ to be honest," returned the owner of the bungalow, "yet only one that I know to be _honest_, and who possesses at the same time the judgment to undertake a mission like the one I have been telling you about."
    • Not only would they all stay here, but they would become honest -- these hardened rogues, who a few weeks before were wont to use the words _honest_ and _stupid_ as synonyms.
    • _very_ honest, or _exceedingly_ just, for the words _honest_ and _just_, literally admit of no comparison.
    • You'd rather see me drudging all the best moments of my life away, so you can lounge around Ju Penrose's saloon spending dollars you've no right to, than risk your peace of mind on an honest -- yes, _honest_ -- transaction that's going to give me a little of the comfort that you haven't the grit to help me to yourself. "
    • Secondly, any lasting peace is going to have to be a peace that's good for both sides, and, therefore, the term honest broker makes sense.
    • The term honest wealth, which was creeping into respectable periodicals, was exceedingly annoying to him.
    • Although not given to blushing, Dick felt that he coloured under his dye at the praise; for although they had certainly sold cheaply, he doubted whether the term honest could be fairly applied to the whole transaction.
    • A Fox News appearance that Michael Steele made on January 4th where he has used the term honest Injun to back up his remarks on conservative principles and a lot of Native Americans didn't like him using those words.