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What is the meaning of holdup in Hindi?

Meaning of holdup in Hindi is :

Definition of word holdup

  • Alternative spelling of hold-up. (noun)

Examples of word holdup

  • Interesting trip. you guys are one tough crew to even attempt that trip with quads. next time try using an Argo 8 wheeler. they go to the tough hunting places with ease and you get there nice and clean. the main holdup is pulling all the quads out or to the road.
  • In other words, that only makes sense if you think the votes for single-payer are already in place, and the only holdup is how to sell it.
  • I know some of you might be wondering what the holdup is on my getting a regular podcast going.
  • The main holdup at the moment is that my current landlord is away so we haven't got our references through yet.
  • The main holdup of the announcement was settling a potential territorial dispute with the nearby Wilmington (Del.)
  • We understand the holdup is visas for his wife and children.